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Around the World with Kate and Mack

UI & UX Design | Digital Strategy

It was determined late in the process of making a new kid’s book that the activities would be pulled out of the print piece and used to leverage name acquisition.

Our team built a landing page to promote three of the main activities and put future pieces into a nurture path (an automated e-mail process used to build up a relationship with a user over time).

The project had to be done quickly along side a larger task to overhaul the organization’s main site. We had the benefit of pulling in beautiful illustrations (Ben Rupp) from the book and design a playful site for parent’s to find quality content for their kids.

In the future, once enough content is developed, a larger kid’s section is planned and will house a collection of lessons and activities that benefit our users and build up long term relationships with them.

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Your Cold Felt Heart

Creative Direction | Digital Strategy | UI & UX Design | Frontend Development

Mediocre Productions contacted me to develop a digital experience to represent the first issue of Your Cold Felt Heart. The primary objective was to drive users to buy issue one and also house an easter egg that can be found in the issues the give out to customers (I would tell you what it is but you should buy the book and find out for yourself!).

The issue is set during the prohibition era and is done in grayscale. The comic artist really wanted to showcase the art deco style of the book and keep that same feeling in the site.

There was a lot of collaboration between the artist and myself and I think it came out fantastically and they are really excited about how it turned out.

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UI & UX Design | Digital Strategy

The video team at Wycliffe developed an inspiring film and needed a home for it. The primary goal was to get as many people to watch it as possible to inspire them to join Wycliffe and secondly to acquire contacts or donations. There is also a book about the same topic as the video and it needed to be featured as well.

To date it has been one of Wycliffe’s most successful launches generating a lot of discussion between partners interested in joining Wycliffe and connecting them with a new church partner that committed to sponsoring the entire project.

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UI & UX Design | Digital Strategy | Content Planning

One of my larger projects at Wycliffe is to iterate and improve our main site. As part of scheduled support of the main site we recently finished a site wide update to the frontend code and design. This was part of a strategic movement to evolve the site over time and create a sustainable product rather than scrap and overhaul—which can often lead to confusion and frustration both internally and for our users.

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